Friday, 15 June 2018

Observing Invertebrates

In their Outdoor Science session today, Year 1's were investigating invertebrates.  This required a lot of imagination and patience.

Picture 7 of 8 - Woodlouse (Oniscidea) Pictures & Images ...  

There were some really good comments made:
Freya said "The golden beetle likes hiding under the small bits of wood.  I think it likes the darkness.  My snail didn't like the dark and the woodlice just crawled everywhere!"

Amber observed a spider and some woodlice: "Our spider went stop - go - stop - go all the time.  The woodlice just kept going everywhere,trying to get out."

Dylan observed many things about his snail and some woodlice.  "All our woodlice never stopped wiggling their antennae."

Airedale Otters: July 2012

Reggie found out that woodlice walked everywhere in his tray and they never ate anything that he offered to them."

They all were really good scientists, making careful observations and asking questions.  Well done Year 1.

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