Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Visiting Vikings

After a hearty breakfast, we ventured into the city of York for an artistic viewing of the cathedral.  We found the remains of Roman columns but were taken aback by the vast beauty of the Minster itself.  Quickly, we whipped out our artist's sketching pads and began to record our interpretation of the magnificent building.

We were due at the Dig by 11am, so were soon heading off to discover all about archaeology.

 We uncovered evidence to reveal the lives of people from past civilizations and became forensic scientists as we pieced together clues from artifacts and examined bone remains.

After our packed lunch, we walked a short distance to the Jorvik Viking Museum.  The smell of the Vikings wafted towards us as we approached the entrance, along with a Viking lady who greeted us and led us back in time, 1000 years.

Once we had our fill of Viking hospitality and souvenirs, we had some time to relax at the Rowntree Park before walking back along the river Ouse for our evening meal at the Youth Hostel.


  1. You have packed so much into a day. It all sounds fantastic and I can't wait to see the sketches and souvenirs. I'm sure the smells and sights of the Jorvik will stay in their minds for a long time!

  2. It's been wonderful to assist Mr Cole's and to support the
    Whole group through another learning journey and fantastic memories they've shared.

    I am really proud of them ALL.

    And as usual we always get recognition from the public on their behaviour.
    Well done GVS

    1. Thank you Nicky. Of ourse, we couldn't run these trips without our full team of staff. Thank you for your invaluable help over the last 5 years.

  3. Glad you all had a fab time!! Look forward to seeing you all back later,have a nice day and safe journey x

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  5. Wow what a fun packed day! All sounds absolutely fantastic. The postcards arrived today which were so lovely to read.
    Big thank you to all the wonderful staff.
    Hope you have another great day today and a safe journey home.
    Cannot wait to see you later!


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