Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tower building challenge

Wednesday 16th May

This week Reception have been learning about the characteristics and names of 2d ('flat') and 3d ('fat') shapes. So I set the children a challenge: to build the tallest tower they could.

It was a great challenge as it applied what the children understood about the 3d shapes, 
e.g. why didn't you use a sphere in your tower? "They're too rolly." and "It would topple over."
Which are the best shapes for building? "Cubes and cuboids."
Can you put another shape on top of your pyramid? "No, it's too would fall off."

There was lots of number work going on - counting how many blocks they'd used. How many if you added two more? Took one block away?

Lots of comparisons were discussed as the children measured themselves against the height of their towers: "It's shorter than me!" "I'm going to add some blocks to make it taller than me." "My tower is taller than me......but not as tall as you, Miss Samuels!"

Finally, and very importantly, the children showed important qualities in how they learnt - demonstrating resilience, patience and perseverance when several towers fell down and kindness and empathy to others. "You can share my tower." "I can help you make yours again."

Thank you for a great session, Robins!

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  1. This looks great, Ernest has been naming shapes at home and really enjoyed this challenge.


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