Friday, 5 May 2017

Kingswood - evening and day two

After the day children went home, we went to the dining hall for a well earned evening meal. Most of us had a roast dinner! Then we went up to our rooms. The children were very excited to sort their beds out. After tea we had stories, songs, marshmallows and hot chocolate around the campfire. At bedtime we had a story altogether before it was time to go to sleep, which was quicker for some than others!!

The children were awake bright and very early on the Wednesday morning!! We packed up our bags and the children had to strip their beds and take the linen to the laundry. We enjoyed cereal and a cooked breakfast, before bouldering. Finally we had a scavenger hunt and used what we found to create our favourite activity at Kingswood. After lunch we said a huge thank you to Becky before parents came to collect their happy but weary children!

It was a huge adventure for the children and Mrs Newstead, Ms Page and Miss Samuels were delighted with how well the children did and so proud of them all.

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