Friday, 17 February 2017

Year 6 do battle!

Over the last half term Year 6 have been constructing and programming robotic vehicles controlled by the Crumble microprocessor.

The last Friday of half term was, the children had decided, time to put their robots to the ultimate test - Robot Wars!  Each team had Armour plated their robot, added some destructive weaponry and were finally ready to do battle.

We all realized that there wouldn't really be much battle (each robot was programmed to avoid obstacles and so would just try and keep clear of each other) but, after extensive testing, we found they did brush past each other and even became tangled on a regular basis.

The rule was decided; if one robot pushed another into the side then It was declared the winner.


Approaching each other, ready for battle.

A dilemma - who is the victor?



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