Friday, 24 February 2017

Saxons arrive at Gresham Village School

What a strange start we've had to this half term.

We arrived back on Monday morning to find three Saxons had set up their encampment at our school.

Luckily they proved to be friendly travelers who were more than happy to spend a day or two showing and telling us about how their lives, 1500 years ago, differed from ours nowadays.

Steve, Jo and Irene taught us all about the lives of Saxons; their gods and changing beliefs, their food and hunting techniques, their homes and clothes as well as many other things.

We saw how they lit their fires and how they defended themselves using sword, spear and bow.

As they were here for a couple of days they left many of their belongings for us to have a really good look at, before coming back for, as Noah put it, a Q and A session.

Lola had a particularly interesting question for them - what happened to the Saxons?  Where are they now?  Of course the answer was that they are still here, in our language, our families, our gestures and sayings.

Thank you Steve and Co. for all your time and help.  We all had two amazing days that we won't forget in a hurry.

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