Friday, 13 January 2017

What is this white stuff?

"It's so cold!" Of course, for many of the youngest children, this was the first time they had really experienced snow, so it came as a bit of a shock when they realised just how cold snow actually is!

We hope you like these pictures taken at break time today- hopefully we'll get out again later, although it seems to have turned to rain already.

A few children did not have the right clothing or footwear for playing in the snow today, so I will repeat what I said in the last newsletter: 

Winter Weather
We always try to keep the school open throughout the winter, despite the weather and our rural location; in fact we have only closed once in the past six winters. If we have snow, please assume firstly that school will be open. If we decide to close, we will try to text you before 8am and post a closure notice on the County Council website. You can also check on local radio. I will reiterate that we do not close lightly: if the site is safe and staff are able to get into work, we will stay open. Of course, with everyone living in so many different places, you will of course make your own decisions about whether it is safe to travel and we will authorise the absence for the day of closure. The only exception to this is if you live in Gresham, in which case, absence on a closure date will be unauthorised.

Snow at Gresham Village is a rare treat, so I would like to reassure you that as well as classroom lessons, there are always plenty of opportunities for outdoor ‘lessons’ in the snow! Sledges are encouraged, although we have few slopes. Advanced warning though- children will only be allowed to play outside on snow days if they are dressed appropriately and have wellies.

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