Friday, 17 June 2016

Forest School Sculptures

Everyone chose a piece of wood and had to see what they could turn it into.  The  children were then given specific criteria, such as......
  • They have to add natural materials to their piece of wood. 

  • They can use tools, nails, wool, buttons and anything else they can think of.

  • Their structure has to be a piece of art or a scene.

  • You can use your own ideas and be as creative as you can
Here are some pictures of their pieces of art in progress.  Years 5 and 6 only started their projects today....... I was really pleased how every one put thought into their work and how everyone was very focussed, well done years 5 and 6.

Work nearly completed by years 3 and 4. 
Amazing, such brilliant ideas....

Years 1 and 2........everyone is focussed and concentrating whilst using the tools.


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