Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Stone Age Day at Sheringham Park Years - 2 and 3

Years 2 and 3 had a fantastic day at Sheringham Park.  The children were put into tribes and each had to learn to survive in Stone Age times.  They had to make a shelter using rope and 'animal skins' (tarpaulins). The shelters were tested to see whether they would stay in one place after a wild storm!

How long could you survive without....... Water? Food? Shelter?

Good team work in this tribe!

I hope you keep dry in the storm!

After shelter building we went on a walk foraging for food in the wild. We went to see a real Neolithic site where we found lots of evidence of the Stone Age period.  We found and collected items which would help to start a fire.

We finished the afternoon with hot chocolate...........very well deserved after a busy day living as Stone Age people.........Would they have had hot chocolate we wonder...........I wonder what they would have had?

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