Monday, 16 May 2016

Sheringham Park

Reception and Year 1 spent the afternoon at Sheringham Park. We enjoyed our packed lunches as the sun came out.

As part of our topic on plants and animals, we were looking for evidence of animals. We found lots!

Hedgehog poo! (You can tell it's hedgehog poo because it's black, shiny and has little bits of beetle in it.)

A leaf being munched by a caterpillar.....(can you spot the caterpillar?)

A path that may be used by badgers.....

A pine cone nibbled by a squirrel..... well as a deer footprint, mouse hole, mole hill and holes made by miner bees.

We also went pond dipping and found loads of tadpoles and newts, as well as dragon fly larvae, great diving beetles and pond snails.

Then we looked through microscopes to study minibeasts........

We were only there for a couple of hours but we found out a lot about animals that live in Sheringham Park.

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  1. I can't believe how much you all managed to do! I loved the photo of the newt, but I am not sure about the hedgehog PPP!


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