Sunday, 15 May 2016

Outdoor Science - Years 3 and 4 become Zoologists

Zoology - the study of animals and their behaviour.

Mr Coles had been reading a book that said that woodlice will always turn left when they approach a crossing of pathways.  He was uncertain if this was true and so called upon the investigative skills of Year 3s and 4s.

We began by building a maze from Lego.  The maze needed to have a number of T junctions that woodlice, who entered the maze, would come across and then have to make a choice about which way to turn.   

Some of the mazes became quite complex, in fact Blake and Leon got a little carried away with the construction!

Having made our mazes we then set about collecting a woodlouse to enter the maze.  

Each woodlouse had to be looked after and set free after a go in the maze, before re-testing our (the book's) idea with another woodlouse.

Finally we took our mazes apart, released the final woodlice and reported our findings back to the group.

The book was wrong - woodlice didn't always turn left.  Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't.  We did find out that woodlice used their antennae to find their way about the maze; that they didn't retrace their paths when put back to the beginning of the maze and that different types (species) of woodlouse move at different speeds - pill woodlice being the slowest.

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