Monday, 30 May 2016

Observing Invertebrates - Years 1 and 2

On our last Natural Science session before half term, Mr Coles introduced us to the word 'invertebrate'.  We had to use this word instead of the word 'minibeast' as it is the word that scientists use to describe animals without backbones.

Firstly we checked that we weren't invertebrates, by feeling for our own vertebrae, before we headed outside to collect some invertebrates for closer inspection.
Checking teeth!

Today's lesson was all about observation; looking closely at objects to see what they were actually like.  We were using magnifiers and microscopes to help us see all the details that we usually missed.  

Mr Coles taught us how to use the microscopes and how to look after them.  We then had a chance to have a go ourselves, looking at our invertebrate finds.

We discovered the jaws of a centipede, the jagged legs of a beetle, the 'armour plates' on a woodlouse, millipede droppings, as well as the eyes and breathing hole of a slug.

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