Sunday, 8 May 2016

Year 5 and 6 Outdoor Science - Let's go fly a kite...

As part of their Summer Fridays science lessons, Years 5 and 6 have begun making kites.

There were 'bin bag kites', traditional kites, traditional kites but with a wooden frame on the outside edge and even triangular based pyramid shaped kites.

There is a little work still to do before these become airborne (and some may struggle to do this!) including seeing the effects of adding tails of different lengths.

Materials have (and haven't yet) been chosen for their weight and strength.  Next week we hope to test our prototypes (here's hoping for a breezy day), modifying them as we begin the investigation stage of our project.

Kite designers hard at work.

Well... what do you think?

A traditional design.

Emma chooses crepe paper - light and strong - for her kite.

Alex uses the 'elastic band method' to join his kite frame.
This makes it easy to undo and is also very strong

Umm... hang on, are you making a kite or a pair of spectacles?

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  1. This sounds like fun, missing you all. Good luck to year 6 with their SATS.


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