Thursday, 19 May 2016

All the way up ...

Today was a day of two halves, that ended with a splash.

We began with mild peril, as we climbed to the Saddle on Bunster Hill and surveyed in wonder the landscape around us. 

We watched a shepherd work his dogs in a field below; it was as if they were in miniature. Next, we traversed the north side of Bunster, gradually climbing up to a point almost as high as Thorpe Cloud, which we had climbed on Tuesday evening. It was hard work, but worth it, not just for the views, but also the sense of achievement.

One moment of comedy was when we came across a gate, standing on its own in a field; of course, we all dutifully went through, ensuring we shut it behind us?

The morning adventure continued, as we followed the woods above Dovedale, before plunging down. Below us, hairpin bends marked the track. Trees were grasped, slowing our otherwise rapid descent to the valley floor!

Finally, having safely reached the river, we settled to a very well deserved lunch below Ilam Rock.

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  1. Omg it is so beautiful there, and all you guys make it look even more so.,, 😀 Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow xxx


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