Saturday, 23 April 2016

Summer Fridays - Outdoor Science

Our outdoor science this week was, for the Year 2 group, about living and non living things. 
We had to find something that had never been alive, something that had been alive but that was now dead and something that was alive now, but not an animal.

We then sorted our funds into 3 trays and talked about why we had put them where we had.
Next we thought about what living things had in common. We decided that they all moved on their own (plants roots move through the soil), they all grew,.  We were uncertain if plants did the next couple; they all breathed and they all needed food and water.

We didn't come up with the fact that they all had babies (reproduced) but Mr Goodliffe happened to be passing by and he gave us some help.

Mr Coles said that we were going to begin to think like scientists  and scientists are always asking questions.  So we thought of questions about the animals we might find in the school grounds - where would we find the most animals? 

Our ideas were: in the air, on the ground, under the ground, on and in trees, under stones and under wood.   We were thinking of minibeasts by this time!

Mr Coles sent us off to find some, looking in the different places.  When we had found one we carefully put it in a pot and took in back to our 'sorting table' where we put the put pot on top of the paper saying where we had found it.  We then went back with a new pot and looked again.

We found most animals under wood and the paper was piled high with pots.  Mr Coles asked us why we thought we had found so many there, quickly asking 5 of us where we had spent most of our time looking - under wood.  

Sammy and Louie soon realised why we had found so many under wood... That was where we has mostly looked!  Our investigation wasn't very fair.  
But we had great fun!

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