Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sheringham Park

On a rather foggy, chilly Tuesday morning, we arrived at Sheringham Park. Fortunately Nursery and Reception were warmly wrapped up, weighed down with bulging lunch boxes!

As usual Rob, the fantastic Education Officer, had a packed day planned for us. We set off on a walk to look for the early signs of Spring arriving. We noticed frogs popping their heads up in the pond......

sticky buds on the horse chestnut trees.........

and heard the tapping of a woodpecker from the top of the viewing tower.

We heard about the story of the Green Man who people believed brought spring with him, covering the trees and plants with green. We made our own Green Man or Lady using the leaves, moss, stones and twigs we found around us. 

In the afternoon we used clay to model a Green Man..........

We also went pond dipping and were very excited to find pond snails, a water boatman and mayfly larvae. Isaac was delighted to catch a newt!

We had a great time as always and slept very well that night!!

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