Wednesday, 16 March 2016


To round off our topic on India, Year 1, Reception and the older Nursery children were very lucky to receive a visit from Marijke. Marijke has visited India and her father-in-law was born near Hyderabad. 

She told us about some of the different landscapes in India like the Himalayas in the north, the tropical south and big cities like Mumbai. 

Marijke and Cami showed us a toy 'tuk tuk' which is a cheap way to travel.

We also talked about Indian festivals and celebrations, from decorating elephants to take part in special processions to wearing beautiful clothes and jewellery. Marijke had been to a wedding in India and she showed us the earrings, bangles and sari she wore.

Marijke then demonstrated how to put on a sari, using Emily as her model. There is a huge amount of material in a sari, but using pleats and folds, she dressed Emily, who looked beautiful!

Marijke said she was very impressed with how well all the children listened.
Thank you for coming in today, Marijke. It was a great way to end our topic!

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