Thursday, 3 March 2016

Global Market!

This afternoon, the whole school from reception to year 6 enjoyed this term's curriculum day, which was a 'global market'. Excitement had been building for a fortnight as the children gradually created their chosen experience. On show were an Indian market from years R and 1, a French cafe created by years 2 and 3 and a Chinese street market led by years 4 to 6. We were later treated to Kingfisher class performing their Bollywood Bhangra in assembly.

Paris welcomed us to the Chinese market with a very polite "nihao". Inside we were treated to noodles, moon biscuits and other Chinese delicacies. Also, we were able to buy some beautiful jade jewellery and very intricately decorated willow pattern plates.

In the central area was the Grasshopper Bank of Gresham, at which we were all able to exchange our money at very reasonable exchange rates. The bank was operated by a very efficient and smart Jose and Joshua, who deftly exchanged Rupees to Euros and Euros to Yuan. The children managed their money well throughout the whole afternoon.

Years R and 1 had transformed swallows into an Indian street, with wonderful stalls selling bangles, rocking peacocks and tiger art. They also gave us the sounds and smells as well as delicious curry snacks, mango and melon. They had clearly had great fun with Ms Samuels over the past week and I know that they were really proud of what they had achieved.

The final area to explore was the French cafe, created by years 2 and 3. Visitors were greeted with a very polite "bonjour", before being shown to a table on which there were menus, in French of course! The selection was impressive: croissants, cheeses, crepes and French stick. Customers were also treated to French 'wine'. The waiters and waitresses were highly efficient at taking orders, serving and cleaning tables ready for the next customers. I was even able to relax reading a French newspaper before I left.

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