Saturday, 19 March 2016

Future Engineers.

In Kingfisher Class there is usually something 'techy' going on.  Friday was no exception to this, despite it being Sports Relief day and the last Computer Science lesson of the term.

The Year 3's were programming 'floor turtles' to produce replicas of some pictures that they had been drawing (using straight lines and angles) in their maths class.   The Year 2's were 'playing' with technological toys, seeing how they worked and hand how they could be programmed to follow sequences of commands.

Some of the Year 4's were, meanwhile, building programmable robots (MBots) from kits that Mr. Coles 'found' lurking in his cupboard!  The kits were great, just complex enough to provide a challenge but easy enough as they did not require any tricky wiring.

The kits were completed in the lesson with just enough time left to try them out using an infra-red remote control.  We found out that these needed to be pointing directly at the robot in order to work.  

Mr Coles had downloaded some software so that the robots could be programmed - using our Scratch programming skills - to move about, avoid obstacles and also follow a black line trail around the classroom - sounds exciting!

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