Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How to attack a castle.

As part of their work on the Norman conquest, Kingfisher class have been busy thinking about Medieval castles and how they could be attacked.  We discovered that the early castles were made of wood - these were put up very quickly but easy attacked with fire!

Stone castles soon replaced the wooden ones and these were rather more difficult to attack.  We thought about how this was done - using battering rams, catapults of different sorts and even by digging tunnels.

As part of our Design and Technology work, we were given the challenge of making a method of attacking a castle. Many people built catapults (some of which even managed to work!) and some decided to make battering rams.

There was lots of cutting and drilling involved in our structure making.  The catapults needed a method of 'powering' them and Elastic bands and counter weights were both used, along with long beams and strategically positioned pivot points.  

Here are some images from our day...

We are looking forward to showing (and maybe demonstrating) our constructions next Wednesday in parents Assembly.

Our homework tasks include many other practical activities, including cooking some food from Norman times, building model castles - even virtual models in Minecraft, dressing up and visiting a Norman castle or church with our families.  If you haven't seen the tasks then they are available on Mr Coles' page on this blog. 

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