Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Tempest

Last night, to a packed hall, Kingfisher class put on their performance of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.

Nervous, yet excited, was the buzz going through the children before and during the performance, but the applause from the audience both calmed and encouraged the actors. 

Backstage, bathed in total darkness, the Stage Crew were struggling to see one prop from another, whilst in the wings, thespians peered at blackened scripts in the hope of a reminder of which scene was next.   

Despite some missed lines, along with moments of complete mind blankness, the show went on.   Act 1 complete; a chance for a relax, a drink and a chat before re-entering the stage area for the shorter Act 2.

Pearl's narrating kept the story hanging together among the many scene changes (beach, to jungle, to cave and back again).  Tom, Ethan and Logan's task of controlling lights sound and sound effects was carried out with precision. Effects came at exactly the right moment (well usually - Paris did have a faulty wizard's staff on a couple of occasions!) and songs were spot on cue.

All these elements came together on the night for what must be Kingfisher's most ambitious production to date.  A fantastic show from which all the children gained so much, both personally and academically.

Well done Kingfishers! 

(Did I hear pantomime was being considered for next year?)

Just under £100 was raised in donations towards the 'East Anglian Children's Hospice' (

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  1. Thank you Kingfishers for a wonderful adaptation of Shakespeare's Tempest. I have seen this play several times, but this is the first time that I have followed it completely. I am very pleased that you enjoyed making it and that you learnt so much on the way. So often, it is the journey that is important, but you did not disappoint us with your final production!

    Thank you

    Mr Goodliffe


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