Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mr Goodliffe Found Guilty!

Today in Kingfisher class we were finding out about the work of the police, in-particular about the techniques and procedures that they use when investigating a crime.

£7.23 had gone missing from the classroom money tin... but who had taken it?  The crime took place between 2.30pm and 8.00am the next day.  There were several suspects, all who would have access to the money tin and the locked classroom.

A fingerprint and footprint, found at the scene of the crime, helped narrow down the number of suspects but it was an eye-witness who described the culprit in enough detail to narrow it down to either Mr Coles or Mr Goodliffe!

Shoes were examined to find a match between the print found at the scene of crime and the shoe of the culprit.  Mr Goodliffe came out as the main suspect - although some of use thought Mr Coles had swapped shoes with Mr Goodliffe in order to take the blame away from himself.

Mr Goodliffe had to be arrested in order that he could be searched and his fingerprints taken.  There on his very person we found a hat exactly like that described by the eye witness, together with the sum of £7.23, exactly in the same mix of coins and notes as there was in the cash tin.


It was really interesting to find out about how pieces of evidence are put together in order to solve a crime.  It was just like making a jigsaw.

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