Friday, 9 October 2015

Parents' session

Friday 9th October

Two weeks ago we held our first Friday morning to invite parents in. We linked it in with the MacMillan Coffee morning. It was a fantastic success - we had lots of people and cakes!! An amazing £50 was raised for the charity.

This morning we had our second 'open house' and once again had a great turnout!

We were very lucky as the day before some of the children had made vegetable soup and rolls with Sheila which we all enjoyed. "It's delicious!" announced Terry, as he rubbed his tummy in appreciation.

We also had two birthdays to celebrate - Clementine and her little brother! Clementine's mummy had kindly brought in beautiful jam tarts with glitter on!! Yum!

We sang them both 'Happy Birthday'.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the Reception parents who attended our RWInc lesson on Tuesday. It was fantastic to see so many people keen to support their child's learning.

In Early Years we feel we have had a very positive first half-term and are delighted with how well the children have settled in.

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