Thursday, 9 July 2015

Owl Pellets

We took the theme of 'Birds' for the day's activities, inspired by and starting with, a look at a birds nest brought in by Kaelan.  Amber guessed the identity of the nest's builders - blackbirds - using the colour of the egg as a clue.

Next we listened to and guessed the answers to some of Mr Coles' riddles.  One was a river and the other was a cuckoo, but they were tricky.  We looked at how riddles are written, found information from reference books and then had a go at writing our own riddles for birds, pond life or mammals.  There were some pretty good riddles but most we manage to guess.

After lunch we were introduced to the Barn Owl.  We watched a short video and then found out, how owls digest they food and why they produce pellets.  Mr Coles demonstrated how to dissect a pellet and then we all set off to have a go ourselves - there was a pellet for everyone.

We discovered and identified lots of different skulls and bones as we tried to reconstruct the skeleton of the animal that the owl had eaten.  Harley was amazed because his pellet had 5 skulls hidden within it.  Josh soon added that his had 6!  Meanwhile Lola was midway through her skeletal jigsaw whilst Ziggy was laying out the bones to another animal.

Some people found the activity a little gross but most really enjoyed the activity and learned a lot about owls in the process.  It was a really interesting enquiry - what do the barn owls of Felbrigg and Gresham eat?

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