Friday, 20 March 2015

Nursery and Reception visit Sheringham Park

Wednesday 18th March

All the Nursery and Reception children spent the day at Sheringham Park. We had a fantastic time looking at the changes around us that show that spring is on its way!
We used our 'deer ears' to listen for birds singing.

We noticed lots of frogs and frogspawn in the pond. The frogs were croaking to each other. It was very loud!

We tried the sap from a silver birch. It tasted like fresh cool water. Delicious!

We collected twigs, moss and feathers to make a nest. As birds don't have hands, we were only allowed to use tweezers to pick things up with.

Then we made Green Men from clay. A long time ago people believed that the Green Man walked through the woods and changed the season from winter to spring.
When all the adults arrived to collect us at the end of the day we sang a song about the Green Man.
We had a lovely time and slept well that night!

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