Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Years 2 and 3 Animal Tracking in Sheringham Park

We had a lovely afternoon in Sheringham Park.  We learnt how to discover which animals live and visit these woods.

First of all we looked at footprints of different animals.


We looked closely at the different footprints and copied their patterns into sand  and we made our own plaster casts of them.


We then went out into the woods and looked for signs of where different animals have been.  We discovered a mouse hole, rabbit poo, poo from a small bird, badger scratch marks on a tree and even a muntjac deer track.


Can you see the track?


This is a foot print from the muntjac deer which we found on the track.  See if you can find them when you are out and about in half term.



Rob filmed this muntjac which was going along the track, which we discovered in the woods.


A big thank you to Rob and all his team of helpers at the National Trust.

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