Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Norfolk Ambition Project

On Friday, twelve children from Kingfisher Class joined children from other  'Cromer Ridge' schools (Holt, Northrepps, Roughton and Overstrand) for a day of activities at The Forum in Norwich.  

The day arose because the 'Office of National Ambition' (OoNA) had decided that young people in our area lacked ambition and drive.  The OoNA were even prepared to cut the county of Norfolk away from the rest of England, setting us all adrift into the North Sea! 

All the children were in one of four groups:  Technicians, Apprentices, Movers or Storytellers.

The technicians spent the best part of the day working alongside the BBC, recording the days activities in video and audio. 

The Movers were creating sequences of movements to illustrate aspects of their life ambitions.

The storytellers were telling their life stories, past present and future.

The Apprentices were working in a BBC Apprentice style with challenges set to generate team work, creative thinking and 'entrepreneurial passion' - proving that we have the skills and drive to overcome any challenge.

A great day was had by all the children - even though for many it meant working outside their comfort zone. 

The adults who accompanied the group were really impressed with how well the children spoke their 
minds, stood up for what they believed in, were polite, well behaved and how well they all engaged with the activities.

A big thank you to our adult helpers, without whom the day would not have been so successful.

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