Saturday, 31 January 2015

A visit to Pedro's Mexican restaurant.

On Friday 30th January, we (the 'Norfolk Ambition' group), who were in Norwich, sped along from The Forum to Pedro's Mexican restaurant.

We only had 45 minutes lunch break but luckily Mr Coles had already pre-booked some tasters of Mexican food.  

When we arrived at Pedro's we were welcomed by the manager who showed us to our tables which were already filled with bowls of dips and tortillas.

A few minutes later a selection of Mexican foods were brought out, along with tacos and wraps.  We found out how these foods are typically eaten before tucking in.  A bowl of chilli con carne then arrived along with jugs of iced water.

What a feast we had!  Despite Mr Coles' best efforts, we were unable to eat all the food set before us!

We had a great time as we hope you'll be able to tell from these photos...

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