Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Team Sports Day - Monday 14th July

The sun shone down on Gresham Village School as the Year 6's, aided by Mrs. Dunnet, set up their games for the team sports morning.  
Meanwhile, back in the classroom, tension was rising as each house was split into two teams, given their running order for the activities, their score sheet and told of the timetable for the morning.
Each team captain led their team outside to await the arrival of the nursery and reception children - Gresham Village School's Team Sports Day is truly a whole school event.

At last we were ready and each of the teams went to one of the eight games that had been set up. There was: 

'Maze Hunt' led by Abby and Emily, involved children working in pairs to find hidden hoops in the maze - with one of the pair blindfolded and the other giving directions.

'Penalty Shoot Out' was led by Alfie and also by Izaak.  No blindfolds this time as each team tried to get goals past the goal keeper to score points.

'Obstacle Relay' was led by Rosie, here each team was split into two groups and each group had to negotiate an obstacle course.  The points were awarded for the number of times the course was run.

'Aim for the Hoops' was Harriet's game.  This tested everyone's accuracy in throwing as bean bags had to land within a hoop to score points.

Macy and Kacey led the second of the obstacle style games, this one involving balancing a ball on a racquet whilst zig zagging around posts, going through a tunnel before finally throwing an object.

Megan meanwhile, was enjoying watching everyone get slightly wet as they made their way along a course whilst holding a jug of water on their heads.

Finally Max and Harry were testing children's hockey skills as they controlled a ball travelling through a series of cones, followed by shooting for a goal into different sized goal mouths.

We are still waiting to hear the final scores from the morning but everyone had such a fun time that the scores don't really matter (much)!

Here are some photos from the event:

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