Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hit the Surf 2014

After the last couple of days of bad weather we were concerned that our surfing would be cancelled, but luck was on our side.  The wind had dropped and despite the mist, we set off for Cromer beach.

A chilly lunch was followed by a short playtime on the sand, but our minds were on the waves!  

Soon after 1 pm. we met up with our RNLI trainers.  They asked what we knew about dangers on the beach and the water.  Our knowledge soon grew as they told us about the different flags that could be found flying on a beach, the dangers of rip currents and tomb-stoning (jumping off the pier), about safety equipment and the role of the lifeguards.

Next we went and got into the wet suits.  This proved quite a struggle for one or two people whose wet suits were a little on the small side!  i'm told that Harry even had to revert to the 'plastic bag' trick (you'll have to ask him about it) in order to even begin to get into his suit.

At last we were ready to hit the surf and what a fantastic time we had.  Those who weren't surfing were having fun in the waves but we all managed a few successful goes on the boards, even Mrs. Dunnet!! 

A big thank you to the RNLI trainers for a fantastic time, as well as to Abby's mum, Mrs. Dunnet and Mr. Coles for taking us.


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  1. What a fantastic experience for you all! You all look like you are thoroughly enjoying the surf.. Who wants to do it again? It looks great fun.


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