Thursday, 10 July 2014

A visit from our Community Support Police Officer

Monday 7th July

We were very lucky today to receive a visit from our local Community Support Officer, Rebekah Simms, who is based in Sheringham. This supports our topic of 'Everday Superheroes', where we have been learning about the work of the Police, Fire Service and Postal workers.
Rebekah told us about what she does in her job. She also explained what she wears and what she carries to help her do her job, such as a walkie talkie (we heard the Control Room talking), notepad and tickets.

We tried on her hat which helps to protect her head and her protective vest, which is very heavy!
 We also tried on her fluorescent jackets which make sure that Rebekah can be seen.
Thank you very much for coming to visit us Rebekah. We learnt alot about your job and hope to see you again when we are in Sheringham.

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