Saturday, 10 May 2014

Volunteer and Build It Day 2

What a fantastic day! The rain held off all day, meaning that we were able to get so much done on the field. Stuart, Paul and Richard have roofed the gazebo so that it can be used for lunchtime clubs and as an outside classroom- it looks fantastic. We have moved the sheds, the forest school shed being moved very skillfully on rollers, just like the Ancient Egyptians moving stones for the pyramids. Jez, Richard and Simon erected the chicken run- we need a chicken house now and hope to have our new arrivals after the half term holidays. A whole team of adults and children worked relentlessly all day to shift 20 tonnes of earth to fill the old trim trail, which will really smarten up the field and Paul and Stewart have started putting up the new garden fence. Most importantly, the children will be very pleased to know that the monkey bars are back!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers (and I really hope I have mentioned everyone):

Nicky and Megan
Stuart and Danielle
Paul and Ellen
Jez and Rosie
Emily, Richard, Lola, Louis and Ernest
Sarah and Simon, Abby and Emma
Jo, Jim, Emily and Chloe
and to Richard and Sarah from Tescos in Sheringham

And a big thank you to Jo and Alison for much needed cakes!

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