Friday, 2 May 2014

Sheringham Park

Wednesday 30th April

On Wednesday Reception and Nursery visited Sheringham Park again, as we'd had such a fantastic time in December.

First we went on a colour walk to see the beautiful flowers that are now out.

We went pond dipping - which was very exciting! We found loads of tadpoles, mayfly and damelsfly larvae, a flatworm, waterboatmen, pond snails and huge dragonfly larvae.

We played games where we had to listen like owls........
...................and built nests like birds, using tweezers as a beak to find nesting materials and then worms to feed our chicks.

The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sunshine.

At the end of the day we made bug houses, cutting lengths of bamboo and then packing them tightly into a lemonade bottle with the ends cut off. Mums and Dads came to help.

We finished the day with a story............
..............and went home tired and happy!
Thank you very much to Rob and his volunteers at Sheringham Park. We had a wonderful time!

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