Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ilam Hall Day 3

Wetton Walk today and despite the forecast, ended up being dry. We were slightly disappointed as we left kitted out in full waterproofs, which were gradually discarded as the day progressed. However, please do not despair parents, as this evening they were needed in all their glory.

The Wetton Walk was full of activity and interest. In the morning, we watched cows being herded up the hill towards us, found a sink hole into which a stream disappeared and built our own (really rather good) dry stone walls. We lunched at Wetton Mill and fed the ducks, before heading down the Manifold Way to Thor's Cave. The climb up the 209 steps (which Kallan counted) was well worth the effort. Thor's Cave was almost cathedral in proportions and acoustics. There was no bear there, fortunately, and the children enjoyed exploring its nooks and crannies. After this, we climbed back up to Wetton village and returned home for a short break before tea.

Directly after tea, we took the decision to return to Thorpe Cloud, the summit of which had eluded us on the first day. The rain cleared as we approached, but decided to take the easier route up. The views from the top were magnificent- we could see at least fifty miles towards the Welsh Mountains. A huge well done to every Kingfisher. This was a wonderful achievement.

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