Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ilam Hall Day 2

What a fantastic day we have had today. 

Both the weather and children have been wonderful - blue skies and a motivated, enquiring group.  We have examined dry stone walls, discovered how limestone was formed, seen mayfly emerging from the waters of the River Dove, explored caves, found and tasted spring water emerging from the rocks, enjoyed hearing tragic tales of romance and even paddled in the crystal clear waters of the river.

The seven miles were gone before we knew it and we were all ready for a wonderfully filling evening meal.  Following this, before bedtime, we played outdoor games and wrote some postcards home. 

Tomorrow we are looking forward to more inspiring scenery, enjoyable learning activities and wonderful weather (we hope).


  1. It looks lovely there and great to see all the children enjoying the great outdoors :)
    Miss you Jessica Newton
    Daddy loves you and is looking forward to hearing all about your trip at the weekend xxxx

  2. Wow!!! It looks amazing there and everyone looks like they are happy and having a great time.
    Fantastic picture of Isaac paddling in the river. Have an amazing time Isaac. We can't wait to see you Friday so you can tell us all about your adventures!
    Love Mum, Dad, George, Benson and Archie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. How lucky you all are, enjoying such an amazing adventure! Jessie, I know how you are looking forward to the Farm Visit tomorrow, have a fantastic time.. Enjoy your last day tomorrow everybody. Looking forward to seeing you back at GVS tomorrow evening. Have Fun... Love from Debbie and Leon XxX

  4. Hi Jessie, it looks like you are all having wonderful time in Derbyshire. I wish I were there! Love from Nana and Grandad and Charley 'Arry. XxXxXxXxX


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