Thursday, 9 January 2014

Land Yacht Challenge

It was the first day back at school after the Christmas break and Kingfisher class were set a design and technology challenge - to build model land yachts that traveled in straight lines, but could then be taken apart, with all the components exactly as they were at the start of the challenge.  

And what a challenge it proved to be!

Making the chassis from wooden dowel

We need to get this just right...

 The cardboard discs should stop the wheels falling off, hopefully.

They might also stop the 'wheel' rubbing against the chassis.

Deep concentration.

 And more....

and more...


Which way round should the sail go?

After all the concentration and expert construction work the time had come for 'The Big Race'.  3 heats were held with the first 2 yachts in each heat going through to the final.

'Team Extravaganza' came in first place, with joint second place going to 'Orange Hawkz' and 'The Ballistic Squids'. 

Well done to Kingfisher class who all worked really hard on this mini project, developing their skills in collaborative team working and technological problem solving.  


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