Sunday, 12 May 2019

10.5.19 Week 3 Forest Schools

Another great week!  The children in KS1 are learning to respect fire by their fire breathing dragons.  Children in KS2 know which side of the fire to sit, depending on the wind and how to sit safely by the fire.  In fact though, today the smoke was going straight up.  I wonder why?

Be careful, the sugar is extremely hot.

The children know to sit in the 'safety stance' near a fire.
"Definitely, never run inside the seating area."

Experimenting with two.

How to get the fire going.  
One, two, three, blow Olivia!

Be careful, the sugar gets very hot.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

KS1 Cross Country competition

Monday 29th April

My apologies for not being able to put this on the blog sooner. This is due to technical issues beyond my control!

On the morning of 29th April, all of Robins class went to Mundesley Primary school to take part in the local KS1 cross country competition.

There were 4 races - Y1 Girls, Y1 Boys, Y2 Girls and Y2 Boys. Our children ran incredibly well - some were placed in the top 3 and received medals (Herbert, Camille and Ernest), but what impressed all the adults most was the positive attitude and resilience of the children. Although it was a long course (with an uphill finish!), nobody gave up and all our children finished.

As a consequence of our fantastic team effort, out of 8 schools including several much bigger than Gresham, we were declared the winners!!!

A special thank you to Mrs Dunnett who trained our super athletes and to the parents who helped transport the children to and from the event and who gave tremendous support.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

3.5.19 Week 2 Forest Schools KS2

KS2 Activities

Last week the children were given post it notes to write their forest school ideas on.
Here are some of this week's activities, we had a great day!

Being creative with charcoal.

A teepee shelter, which we needed today!

Clearing Gresham Graveyard.


A tent shape shelter.

Camouflaged in the teepee shelter.

3.5.19 Week 2 Forest Schools KS1

KS1 Activities

Instructions, how to make a dragon.

Beware, a fierce dragon.

Making homes for George! (He's a mouse.)

Making bridges with Owls.

Today we read the story, 'The Billy Goats Gruff' which sparked a conversation between the children about building bridges. As the younger Owls were listening to the story too, the children were encouraged to form mix-aged groups and design and build their own bridges as a group.

The children listened to one another and confidently shared ideas. At the end of the session the groups agreed that they could learn from what hadn't worked with their projects and the projects of other groups to make lots of improvements next time.

We will definitely have more bridge building resources over the next few days for children that wish to continue to reflect on today's building and use the experience to inform their choices and improve their work.

Sheringham Park trip with Owls.

On Tuesday we had a wonderful day at Sheringham Park packed full with investigating, exploring and fun.

 We explored the colours in the park and used paint charts to compare the various shades.

We climbed trees and even bounced on their roots.

 We played a great game of 'fox and rabbit' in which the foxes had to creep up on the rabbit without being heard.

We looked out over the amazing views of the park and out to sea!

To remember our journey through the park,we made 'Journey Sticks' and used different materials to mark the areas of different colours.

During pond dipping we found lots of incredible creatures including water snails, larvae and a frog.

We finished the day with insect hunting using nets, pots and brushes.